Our Story

Our Legacy

Left, our Grandfather, Fredolino Lafranchi. Center, our father, Will Lafranchi. Right, our mentor, Cheesemaker & friend from Maggia, Switzerland, Maurizio Lorenzetti

At the age of 17, our grandfather, Fredolino Lafranchi immigrated to America from Maggia, Switzerland, with the dream to one day own and operate his own dairy. In 1919, that dream became reality when Fred and his wife Zelma Dolcini Lafranchi established the Lafranchi Dairy in the western Marin town of Nicasio, California.

Fred and Zelma raised their five children on this beautiful ranch. Their eldest son, Will, our father, continued in the family business, raising us, his 6 children here and living his entire 78 years on this very special land.

During his life, Will was able to visit his ancestral homeland a number of times, and developed a special bond with his numerous Swiss relatives. Will and his extended family enjoyed many wonderful meals together, which included a distinctive selection of cheeses handmade by local artisans.

The appreciation of these fabulous cheeses left him and us with a longing to enjoy these treats back home. Our family dairy afforded the perfect resource to pay homage to this part of our heritage. Establishing the Nicasio Valley Cheese Company in 2010 has given us the opportunity to bring to reality something our father had only dreamt of.

Swiss Master Cheesemaker, Maurizio Lorenzetti has mentored our family in the art of making the cheeses of Valle Maggia to ensure they are as magical here as they are in Switzerland.

Our entire Lafranchi family is extremely proud to share our Nicasio Valley Cheese with you! We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!