Our Ranch

The Lafranchi Ranch consists of 1,150 certified organic acres.

Nicasio Valley Cheese Company Ranch

Our family ranch is nestled in the beautiful Nicasio Valley, located in Marin County, one hour north of San Francisco.

Spanning generations, our grandparents and family have been ranching here, on this same site, since the early 1900’s.  This is our home and we are very proud of the quality of our operation and the family foundation that our business has been built on. 

We are 100% Organic. Our family & ranch have been committed to sustainable agriculture since 1919.

A few points about our operation:

  • Our on-site composting facility maintains a high quality, internal composting product for fertilizing our fields. This product includes waste from our own 3,000+ free range chickens combined with waste from our 400+ cows, local equestrian waste and green waste. We use this to fertilize our pastures and provide comfortable bedding for our cows.
  • Our ranch is also home to over 3000 pasture fed, free-range egg laying chickens. Our chickens lay delicious eggs while consuming insects and leaving behind generous deposits of high quality fertilizer, further enhancing our organic pastures. 
  • In 2006, we began the conversion from producing conventional milk to organic milk production.  By 2012, we were producing 100% organic milk.
  • Proudly, we are a pasture-based ranch. This means roughly 120 days per year our milk cows derive a large part of their diet from the grass growing in our pastures. We utilize rotational grazing methods to insure the grass is used to the greatest benefit.
  • Clover-Stornetta has the highest milk quality standards in the dairy industry and we are honored to be a part of this select group.